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Invisible Music CD 01

The album Krypton Tunes is a mixture of original live and studio recordings from 1982 to 1989.

Krypton Tunes cover art Track Listing
1.Trance Dance.3.5782
3.Gaz Turbine.3.1982
4.City Cruise.3.4487
5.Hubbub City.
(previously unreleased)
6.DOHC Blues.5.09 82
7.Le Jongleur.3.3289
8.The Elements.9.1884
9.Are We Having Fun Yet?8.3683

Total running time: 44.29

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Steve Higgins.Guitars, Voice, (track rod ends).
Subassa (Subs).Bass, (back axle).
Rob Bougie.Drums, (blown exhaust).
Spike.Violin, Piano, Synths. (thames trader). (Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6)
Twink.Synths, Vco. (ignition). (Track 9)
Maz.Wave 2.2, Pro 1, (luggage rack) (track 8)
Neera.Voice. (Track 7)

Tracks: 1, 3, 5, & 6, were recorded in 82 at Carrot studios by Jiff and features Spike on synth and keyboards.
Tracks, 2 & 4 were recorded at the Bunker in 87 and recently remixed by Steve and Subs.
Track 7, features the soaring voice of Neera recorded in 89.
Track 8, with Maz playing Wave 2.2 and Pro 1 was recorded live in the Big Top
At Rougham Tree Fair 1984.
Track 9, with Twink on synth was recorded live at the Basement Studios Norwich 1983.


KarmaKanix playing at StoneHenge in 1984 The Karmakanix, famous for their all night psychedelic concerts around England During the early eighties was a conglomeration of musicians from the free festival Bands of the late 70ís, Steve, Rob & Subís from Thandoy, Twink from Here & Now And Maz from Zorch. They formed during the summer of 81 playing in the TUMTís Blue and white marquee at Stonehenge and at the numerous festivals across the Country until Rougham Tree Fair 1984.

After Rougham the band took a much-needed break. They got back together in 87 And continued to record and gig until 93. The band has many live recordings of The festivals and although the tapes usually ran out just as the music was taking Off, it was the way it was meant to be, recorded in the ether and in the Memories of those who were there, yet not there.


Steve Higgins has teamed up with bass man Mike Howlett (Gong) and drummer Steve Cassidy (Here & Now) as The House Of Thandoy.