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A selection of improvisations recorded between 2004 and 2006 at Mike Howlett's Cyber Roost, and Resident Studio'sLondon. An excellent follow-up to the first HOT CD. Comes in a plastic sleeve with a simple folded insert.

Hot2 cover art Track Listing
1.Shake Yer Bizkit5.32
2.Rubber Jelly8.24
3.The Velvet Sofa4.53
5.Gear Shift5.32
6.A Deeper Float6.30
7.Sketches of Acton3.53

Total running time: 41.15

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Steve Higgins.Electric guitar and shaker
Mike Howlett.Bass guitar and switch doctoring
Steve Cassidy.Drums, percussion and programming

All songs by Higgins/Howlett/Cassidy


The history of Thandoy goes back to 1975 where guitarist Steve Higgins and drummer Rob Bougie played their first gig in the glade at Glastonbury festival. By the following summer they had met up with bass man Giles and started playing the free festival circuit. In 1978 the band headed to France and Spain returning in the spring of 79. Rob and Giles went off on their own journey and Steve landed with the bus in Bristol Gardens London where he met bass man Subs and drummer Richard Lanchester, they were joined by Eric on electric viola and later that summer by Shanks on congas and dancer Corrine. The band continued to play the free festivals. In 1981, Rob returned on drums with Twink and Maz on synths and this was the start of Karmakanix.

In 2001 Steve was introduced to Mike Howlett through producer John Leckie, and after a jam at Mike’s birthday party House of Thandoy emerged, they were later joined by drummer Eddy Sayer, and made one album HOT 1 which features Theo Travis on flute and sax. In 2003 Steve Cassidy started playing drums with the band which continues as the present line up.