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Invisible Music Compilation Vol 1

Invisible Music CD 002

Invisible Music Collection Vol 1 CD is an eclectic selection of tracks spanning over 20 years. An Invisible thread connects all the songs resulting in a psychedelic musical treat. Tracks 1, 2, 3, 9 & 12 have been used as the soundtrack to the film "At Home With Gizmo" By Steve Higgins.

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Track listingYear
1.Gourishankar (Steve Higgins)1993
2.Bell St Blues (Guitar Fever)2001
3.Fullmoon Night (Guitar Fever)2001
4.Santosh (Thandoy)1982
5.Bide Our Time (Thandoy)1982
6.Fast 4 Word (H.O.T)2003
7.Blow The Night Away (Guitar Fever)2001
8.Raga 99 (H.O.T)2003
9.Dreamcatcher (H.O.T)2003
10.Nisimo (Thandoy)1982
11.Wind On Water (Guitar Fever)2001
12.Slow Wave (Thandoy)2002

Total running Time 59.16
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